Thursday, February 10, 2011

19th Century Flowers

in a time without study and appreciate the beauty & anatomy of plants was a bit more difficult.  The Germans did a great job with botanical studies in papier-mache, and the Blaschka's did an even more impressive job in glass....



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mmmmmm...Pocket Tools

I cannot walk by a hardware store without popping in and finding something I want (mind you, not NEED, just WANT) never know when you'll need a widget or something!

In other world, I'm a tool junkie...

I invite you to the little known world of Mini Pocket Tools.

Pocket tools of any merit are typically hand made- one exception being the PIRAHNA .

But for those wanting a bit more of a personal touch and much better design, take a look at the following 2 makers:

Good Design

Good Design makes me happy.

Whatever it is, an object as decoration, or simply a functional object that happens to be good design- it doesn't even need to cost much, or cost anything for that matter.

Frankly, the best design comes from nature -but I won't get into a long discussion on biomimicry and the reasons nature chose a particular design over another- all is for function, but how can you not appreciate the design?......

Anyways, I ramble....tooling around Liveauctioneers, I came across a few things I would love to drop some $$$$ on, but probably won't- so have at it!
Antique Italian print
Penguin by Beniamino Bufano

Bird by Bufano

Tiffany & Co Tureen

and let's put them all on this for display....LOOOOOVE this table by Borsani (at auction at RAGO):